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Corn prices will rise sharply this year? The Ministry of agriculture and rural: steadily The Ministry of agriculture and rural, is expected before the spring festival pork prices will remain stable and decreased slightly To deal with multiple traffic FAW-VW on Yue received the "2019 annual SUV" award 2018 goodbye! "Leather" head of the automobile industry report inventory models Chrysler recalled some of the imported Voyager 24 cars in total Taotao was: "ABB battle" to maintain the previous pattern of 2019 up to the climax again Chrysler company announced the recall of defective vehicles Hebei province for weightcharge issued new uniform standards for identification and overloading of vehicles Department of Commerce: further Yajian FTA foreign investment access special management measures Department: bear the burden for the enterprise to protect workers' rights firmly pocket bottom line The Department of employment priority: to highlight the main policy to promote the reform of the endowment insurance system The Ministry of Commerce in 2019 to do a pro two steady three key" MIIT: 2019 years mainly from six aspects to promote the development of high quality manufacturing CDB nineteen to implement the spirit of the three plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the seven points 2018 years, the central enterprises operating income 29 trillion and 100 billion yuan over the best level Department of natural resources: it is strictly prohibited to reserve land as assets into state-owned enterprises Xinjiang 2018 years the number of tourists exceeded 150 million people "Car sharing + + high iron tourism" project started in Zhengzhou China tourists find another "festive" New Year activities into focus The foreign ministry warned that the recent cautious to Canada Gansu Province, Gannan military sub district to strengthen problem oriented militia training Diqing military force boosting red relics protection When a bee spirit training" Fujian Province, Quanzhou military sub replay review, taut string preparing for war "The devil week": the longest one week The knife blade is sharp to be hardening. To lay a solid foundation of military organization Hubei Wuhan: defense leading campus fashion culture A new era of military poetry should be the spirit of high Wings snow helicopters training thousands of piled up snow

[Shaanxi basically completed the poverty alleviation relocation projects] Shaanxi implementation of the "3+X" project to promote the industry out of poverty. [to enhance grass-roots party construction quality and promote the revitalization of rural poverty alleviation. [increase poverty county title appraisal personnel support]

  •  A non person not feeling
    A non person not feeling
  •  The Hu Yi District Laoyu tourists across the observation decks and 9 people were injured by falling ice ice
    The Hu Yi District Laoyu tourists across the observation decks and 9 people were injured by falling ice ice
  •  Suck! The high road section of illegal parking unity Road to get together
    Suck! The high road section of illegal parking unity Road to get together
  •  The new opera modern drama
    The new opera modern drama "Yu R" staged in Lanzhou
  •  New tricks snow fun
    New tricks snow fun
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